IS Prodirect for production companies

Prodirect information system is designed to process complete company agenda in the field of calculations, planning and production management. All data are processed in a single system solution without a need of any extensions. It covers the following ideas:

  • Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Warehousing
  • Production
  • Bank
  • Cash
  • CRM
  • Management

There is a number of Prodirect system solutions for example: Blacksmith, Výpalky, Packaging…

Accounting part is solved by connecting Prodirect to any other accounting software ensuring bidirectional synchronization of original documents. It is possible to connect Prodirect with any accounting software. There are already several solutions with systems as Helios, MRP, Altus Vario, Datis, Money S3, Pohoda etc.


System flexibility and customizability

Prodirect information system allows users to define their own data items and nomenclatures, lists, forms and reports etc. All user modifications are subject to the standard system backup. User has the ability to create data exports, which stores any Prodirect data in any required structure and format, for example as an export to Microsoft Excel.

Solution architecture

The system is based on three-tier transactional client-server architecture ensuring optimal performance for a large number of users and absolute data consistency.

Database server

Data is stored via Firebird database server, open source database engine providing high performance, excellent reliability and easy maintenance. Servers runs on Windows Server.

Application server

Application server is installed on a separate server (OS Windows). Provides communication between client part of application and database server. Prodirect is physically installed on an application server. In case of smaller installations (units of users), it can be installed together with database server on one physical server.  

Terminal server

For remote access to the information system are used terminal services based on DRP protocol. Terminal services are part of Windows Server (2003 and higher).


Client application part is 32-bit Windows application installed on the application server and runs by the Prodirect desktop shortcut.

IS and Data Security

System is installed on an application server. All data is stored in a transactional database. Data in database is secured on a lowest level by the database itself. Only application and administrator server (or a user with permission) can access the database server. Data in the form of documents and other objects are secure on the level of information system by sophisticated approach to access rights to individual data types and various kinds of operations with them.

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