Extending modules

Connecting IS Prodirect with Prowell ordering system

Full integration of e-Box ordering system (Prowell) to the Prodirect information system. Sending orders automatically, receiving orders confirmations, delivery details and invoices.



Mobile barcode readers

Mobile barcode readers are used for acquisition of real time information i.e. data is available immediately to other Prodirect users. Terminal mobility ensures ability to move without any cable length restriction. Variation to mobile readers can be called offline readers i.e. when data is transmitted to the information system after connecting barcode reader to workstation. Static readers can be used for speeding up entering barcodes. More information.

Production rendering using terminals

It is possible to render using terminals placed right at each production machine. Simple and intuitive user interface is customized for possible touch-control and the use of barcodes.


B2B and e-commerce applications

Providing online access for business partners or final customers to the information system with possible obtaining information about storage dispositions, order status, deadlines, billing.   



Connecting IS Prodirect with IP Cisco phones

By connecting IS Prodirect to PBX, it is possible to make phone calls directly from the IS directory.  During incoming call, all information about the caller are being displayed and that gives time to user for short preparation before actually answering the call (order information, invoices, …)


Employee bonuses

Used for calculating employee bonuses based on set rules. Criteria are evaluated concerning the effectiveness of different positions (invoicing, proposals, quantity, quotas fulfillment, …)


Agent´s commissions

Used for calculating agent´s commission. Based on set parameters commissions from arranged trades are calculated.


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